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Realtime Deepfake Detection for Video Conferences

Clarity seamlessly integrates with Zoom, Teams, Meet, Webex and othe video conferencing solutions, empowering security teams to add a layer of authentication to communication channels.

The verification runs in the background and provides real time alerts to the participants as well as to the security teams for immediate action and deeper investigations.

The Security Dashboard provides comprehensive reports into the management dashboard, providing visibility into potential attack vectors.

Deepfake Detection for Journalists

We empower journalists and editors to verify their media and ensure its authenticity.
Our intuitive application, Clarity Studio, enables quick analysis of video, audio and images from all major websites using URLs, or through manually uploading media files.

Using our API, integrate directly with internal media sources, analyze large volumes of media collections, and alert as soon as a deepfake is identified.

We provide our solution free of charge to journalists looking to verify their media. If you want to integrate to large volumes of media, see our subscription packages.

Deepfake Detection for Identity Verification

Clarity’s Identity Verification solution is serviced through APIs and SDKs and integrate seamlessly into any identity verification system.

Identifying Deepfakes in video and audio, in near-realtime and at high scale.

or build your own solution