About Clarity

We’re preserving trust in digital media and digital communication

Led by AI and Cyber experts, we are on a mission to protect organizations and individuals from the threats of Deepfakes. By detecting Deepfakes at scale and in realtime, our platform enables everyone to avoid advanced social engineering and phishing attacks, and once again trust what they see and hear.

“Our digital lives are under attack by shockingly accurate representations of people saying things they never said, and doing things they never did; we are just at the beginning of the invasion of deceit. Clarity gives security teams the insights they need to mitigate risks and preserve trust in their digital media and commmunication.”
Michael Matias
Clarity CEO

The #1 Deepfake security platform

“Clarity’s technology enables organizations and intelligence agencies to fight what is now a very real threat to every business. The Clarity team, which includes some of the most experienced cybersecurity and intelligence professionals in the industry, is on a mission to preserve trust in digital media by building cutting-edge technology to detect AI manipulations.”
Amit Karp
Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

We’re backed by incredible investors