Meet The Team

Wednesday, FEB 14

Clarity is on a mission to preserve trust in digital media and digital communication, by securing every organization and individual from the threat of Deepfakes and AI-based attacks. Today we reflect on the incredible people that decided to join this mission and dedicate their time and energy to fighting one of the most important fights for society.

Michael Matias
Co-Founder & CEO
Michael is a dynamic entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, with a decade of pioneering in AI and Human Computer Interaction. A Stanford alum, he's made his mark as a Venture Fellow at Innovation Endeavors and Venture Partner at Secret Chord and J-Ventures. An ex-officer of the IDF's 8200 Unit, Michael's excellence in AI and cybersecurity has been nationally recognized. He's also a respected voice in tech, having published over 100 articles for CTech and hosted the 20MinuteLeaders podcast, featuring insights from 1000+ thought leaders. Our exceptional AI Cyber team is composed of highly skilled researchers and engineers. Domain expertise in cyber and deep learning (AI), with experience from 8200, Google, Checkpoint, and more. A multidisciplinary team from diverse backgrounds, working collectively to build cutting-edge models and infrastructure to support media security and analysis at scale
Natalie Fridman, PhD
Co-Founder & CTO
Natalie, the esteemed CTO and co-founder of Clarity, pioneers in AI and deep learning innovation. With a decade of leadership in AI and software development, her expertise spans collective intelligence, deep learning, and autonomous agents modeling. Her tenure as Senior VP of R&D at ImageSat International laid a robust foundation for her trailblazing journey. A Ph.D. holder in Computer Science from Bar Ilan University, Natalie's academic and practical achievements include over 25 published papers and multiple AI algorithm patents, solidifying her as a leading force in the tech landscape.
Gil Avriel
Co-Founder & CSO, COO
Gil is an experienced national security and strategy executive with over 14 years of experience. He served in the Israeli National Security Council advising top leadership and officials on foreign affairs, public policy, technology, innovation, and cybersecurity. Gil led multi party negotiations on a wide range of issues related to national security and foreign affairs while heading the legal division. He is an alumnus of Harvard Kennedy School and Georgetown University, and currently teaches Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy at Reichman University.
Eli Passov
AI Tech Lead
Eli's the AI wiz with 15+ years in the game, mixing it up in software development, investment strategies, and beyond. He's crafted AI for smarter cars and savvy financial markets. Armed with a Master's in Financial Math and dual Bachelor's in Math and Physics, he's now diving into a PhD in CS, focusing on AI at Bar-Ilan University. Off the clock, Eli's all about badminton and exploring new places. He calls Hod Hasharon home, sharing life's adventures with his wife and two daughters.
Shiran Gan-Or
AI Researcher
Shiran's is an AI expert, mastering computer vision and machine learning with a decade of dazzle under her belt. She's all about pushing the boundaries with deep and classical machine-learning magic for all sorts of tech wonders. With stints as a Senior Algorithm Developer at and a Machine Learning maestro at Applied Materials, she's not just smart; she's trailblazing smart. Shiran's academic arsenal includes a BS in Biomedical Engineering and an MSc in Electrical Engineering. Off the tech stage, she's a mentor to budding engineers and a tech trend tracker, always one step ahead.
Iurii Mokrii
AI Researcher
Iurii is the go-to deep learning engineer and researcher, with a knack for making machines understand and process human languages, recognize speech, recommend content, fetch information, and interpret images. Kicking off in high school, his coding skills bagged him accolades in the all-Russian contest and a finalist spot at the ACM ICPC World Programming Championship during his uni freshman year. With roles at Yandex and Tinkoff, Iurii's honed his craft in machine learning. He's armed with a Master's in Data Science and a Bachelor's in Computer Science from HSE University, ready to tackle the next tech challenge.
Yinon Douchan
AI Researcher
Yinon's is the AI trailblazer and coding craftsman, blending Computer and Mechanical Engineering skills over 9 thrilling years. Specializing in turning satellite imagery puzzles into solved mysteries, he's a whiz at deep convolutional neural networks and making images clearer, colorful, and ultra-detailed with GANs. Yinon's tech journey has seen him innovate at ImageSat International, BIRAD, and Simgo. Beyond the screen, he's a robot-building enthusiast, an avid hiker, and a marathon runner. Driven and endlessly curious, Yinon combines passion with quick learning, always on the move to the next big challenge.
Lior Ben-Moha
Data Operations
Mike Levenson
ML Engineer
Mike was the machine learning maestro at, where he whips up nifty platforms for data dynamos, mixing DevOps savvy with full-stack finesse. From his early tech adventures at ImageSat International to his wizardry at Arcturus, he's been all about deep learning and giving computers the gift of sight. Fluent in the language of code and a pro with ML gadgets, Mike's got a quirky twist—a government degree with a stats spin and a software engineering badge from ITC, Tel Aviv. He's not just coding; he's changing the game.
Taddesse Avraham
ML Engineer
Taddesse is a seasoned Data Engineer with a knack for modeling complex data on a massive scale, not to mention his prowess in software architecture and full-stack development. Before joining Clarity, he steered a team of Machine Learning Engineers and developers, focusing on satellite intelligence systems. His academic journey took him to Tel Aviv University, where he bagged a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, laying a solid foundation for his impressive career.
Alona Zayats
Software Engineer
Nir Gofman
Full-Stack Engineer
Nir, an ex-Unit 8200 Captain with six years under his belt, is a web tech whiz currently advancing his Computer Science degree at the Technion. Beyond his tech prowess in communications, DevOps, and HPC, he’s a freelance consultant, a passionate painter, robotics mentor, and recipient of the Ramon’s Badge for social involvement. A lifelong learner at heart, Nir embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity.
Shir Koren
Software Enginner
Kol Ratner
DevOps Engineer
Kol is a Senior DevOps engineer who leverages his background in lean manufacturing to guide the production of software. Earlier in his career he made waves at Check Point Software and Sovrn Holdings, where he most recently led cloud adoption for the flagship ad exchange, handling 70b requests per day. As a leader in manufacturing operations, he's now gearing up to establish Clarity's DevOps program. Outside of tech, Kol is passionate about ecology and climbing, with notable ascents in Colorado and plans for adventures in Israel, Jordan, the Caucasus & Alps.
Doron Ish-Shalom
Head of BizDev & Strategic Partnerships
Doron's the investment guru with a philosopher's heart, diving into the startup world like a pro. From scouting the next big thing in EdTech to navigating the fields of Agri/FoodTech and the aisles of RetailTech, he's been everywhere: Israel Innovation Institute, MassChallenge, Jerusalem Venture Partners, you name it! With a Master's in Philosophy from Bar-Ilan, he's not just about the numbers—he's about the big questions. Oh, and he's also the guy who helped put Israel on Google Street View. Talk about leaving a mark!
Allen Oded
Product Manager
Alyssa Hugel
Marketing & Product Designer
Alyssa is a passionate designer with a clear mission to create streamlined, user-friendly workflows that seamlessly blend form and function. Born and raised in the vibrant heart of Manhattan, New York, Alyssa has brought her creative flair and problem-solving skills to the tech scene in Israel. Alyssa holds a degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Reichman University and studied Visual Design at American University in Washington D.C., where she honed her skills in crafting compelling user experiences and visually stunning designs.Her commitment to elegant design and practical solutions makes her an invaluable asset to our team!
Omri Izhaki
Customer Success
Omri is a customer success rockstar with 6 years of military expertise as a Lieutenant leading an R&D team at Unit 8200 and 8 years of experience in the startup space in customer-facing roles. In his previous role at Datagen, he helped customers create synthetic media to improve their machine-learning models. Omri's competitive spirit from his wrestling days, where he was a two-time Italian Champion, fuels his drive to go the extra mile for his customers. He is passionate about building strong relationships and ensuring customers have the best possible experience with Clarity, from onboarding and integrations to product improvements and business reviews.
Simone Kaplan
Operations Manager
Simone is the Operations and Office Management superstar, thriving in the startup scene for over a decade with a knack for creating amazing employee experiences.
A coffee devotee, an organizing whiz, and on a noble quest for the ultimate emoji, Simone lives to turn the everyday into something extraordinary.